Social Media tells me they’re happy!

Recently, I met a friend who is quite a patient of social media enslavement. From an early morning breakfast update to a mandatory office conference selfie with them colleagues, she would put it all. Of course, her life seemed pretty perfect. Every time I would open my own feed, I would see some trending updates and mostly, even consider how boring and dull my life was compared to her or any other person connected to me through the internet.

The friend and I had lost touch but suddenly, we decided to catch up. It took us nearly 100 messages to make a plan but fortunately the online conversation did convert into an offline meet-up (Do I receive any brownie points for the execution?). Like old times, all the gossips and conversations kept flowing in and eventually, she started to share about the hard times she was going through which seemed whimsically strange to me because the online life was a flip of what she told. It striked to me how instead of rationally evaluating a situation, I let social media guide my belief. I didn’t push too much into the social life because that would have been too child like plus, she needed support for the ongoing angst.

Well, it took me a while to digest the dissimilarity. I even started to meet more people offline because suddenly, my belief on the virtual world changed. My basic understanding after the whole precis was that the people who claim to be over the moonly ecstatic and happy are generally close to melancholy and depression. It made me realise how deceiving social media or the virtual life could get.

Comparing our lives to someone we see happy on the web is just not right because perhaps, it’s a fake second life we’ve built for ourselves mostly in order to seek for attention and tell the world we’re going good whereas, the later might be the opposite.

I may sound overly critical here but all I want to convey is that don’t let social media result into self- deception. It’s perfectly alright to use it but to form a judgment or feel lowly on the basis of social network may not be the wisest decision.

Having said all of that, I would want to know how would you delineate the term “online life”? 🙂